Tofu Staking Pool

Mission Statement

More than its decentralised network, its selfless solidarity and its core values of democracy, transparency and empathy, we chose Cardano to fulfil our mission for its community. Behind that network that allows a fair distribution of power and projects like ours to actually see the light, is a community with shared interests, that supports each and every one of its members and that, instead of thriving on competition, comes alive by helping each other grow and by giving a voice to the voiceless.

Tofu’s main goal might sound obvious, or even cliché, but it really is to make the world a better place and to give back to society. With every minted block, we collect funds for projects that help heal and protect our planet, and 100% of our profits are and will always be destined to non-profit organisations. All our content is focused on improving our behaviour as a society and sharing the little things we can all do the make a change, but also on spreading the word about the blockchain technology, how it can change the way we live for the better and how it can help us live in harmony with our planet. Through the simbiosis between art and technology, we also intend to broaden the community by raising funds creating unique collector NFT’s.


To make our mission real, 100% of our profits are destined to non-profit organisations. These organisations will be chosen by our delegators through a voting system and will always be focused on helping our planet heal. We provide full transparency on each donation and project development, and each organisation is thoroughly checked before being chosen.

Since we're yet to recieve the reward from the last block we minted, we haven't made any donation. Once we have, we'll post evidence of each donation and information about the organization to which we donate in this section. Stay tunned!

Stake with us!

Staking ADA has never been so easy

1 Choose and set up a wallet

You can use Daedalus or Yoroi wallet. Only Yoroi offers a smartphone app.

2 Find our pool

You can use our ticker TOFU or our pool ID (see below).


Pool ID 4dd940ac98c8bc3f7c3b314125c6078a7e1ca0467f6649f275a0ff7e

3 Wait...

When we mint a bloc, the rewards will be distributed after 10 days (2 epochs)
live stake
lifetime blocks
Return On Stake

Non Fungible Tofu

Tofu was founded by an artist and a developper, which allows our staking pool to present something a little different.

For every minted block, Tofu Pool will unlock a unique NFTofu, linked to the minted block through its metadata. The colours of its background are a representation of the minted block's HASH in HEX code. Each NFTofu will be raffled among the Tofu Pool delegators, and the longer a delegator has been in our pool, the more chances they’ll have to win a NFTofu. That way, not only we create a unique memory of the blocks we mint, we increase the appeal of our pool, offering something different and giving art and design a part in the Cardano play.
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